Political Racism

October 13, 2009

Today, I was randomly perusing the internet and stumbled upon one of the most absurd things that I have ever read.

Someone stated in a blog that they believe the reason Obama is screwing up the country is because he is black. Now, this is not a post on whether or not Obama is, or is not, “screwing up the country.” It’s irrelevant to my point.


To say that the reason for his so-called “screwing up the country” is because he is black is irrational.


Think about it. Politicians have been corrupt and destroying everything in their path for decades, and guess what? Most of them are white!


Those of you who know me pretty well know that I have never been a major Obama fan. However, that doesn’t mean that I abide statements like this. It’s apalling, and I believe those who make statements like this have a severe lack of intelligence.


Whether or not Obama is making mistakes is yet to be seen, in my opinion. But the fact is, he will probably make some, due the unfortunate fact that he is human, as are we all. All humans make mistakes; all politicians make mistakes. Some are worse then others; some are more deliberate than others. But just know, any mistakes Obama makes will be do to his human nature, not to his race. All stereotypes aside, one of the most intelligent people I have ever had the privilege to know was black.


My Facebook Rant

October 13, 2009

Hello to the few that may possibly read this.

This is my first attempt at blogging, and it’s mostly likely going to be me expressing my not-so-sought-after opinion, but it’s my blog, so I get to do that.

And today, I have just the thing.


I have quite a few friends on facebook. I love to log on, update my status, read other’s statuses, you get the drift.

It’s nice to see what people are up to. Except…


I’m really starting to get tired of statuses all about how your life sucks, and things are so difficult, etc. You know what? I don’t care!

For those who know me, you’re most likely thinking, this is not the girl I know. She’s caring and helpful. Which is true. I care deeply about people and like helping them.

But if your life is so terrible, get off your ass, away from the computer, and go do something to make it better.

I’ll be honest. There isn’t a lot in my life right now that is oh-so-super fantastic. But really, I don’t sit and cry about it on facebook, seeking those well-wishing comments, begging my facebook friends to pay attention to me.

I have better things to do, and so should you.

I’m not saying that you can’t post about a bad day, or an upsetting thing. That’s perfectly fine. My issue with it is wen the same people post the same crap day in and day out. I’ve honestly seen one person post six times in one day about how horrible her life is going. Really? Because this person just got engaged, found a nice new job, and actually has a lot going for her. So, I’m thinking all these posts are just a feeble attempt at seeking out some attention.

Ok, I’m done now. And if you happen to be one of those constant bad life facebook updaters, don’t take it personally.